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Due to the Corona Virus, we have been forced to shut our shop but WE ARE ALLOWED TO DO DELIVERIES.  
How It Works
1.You must give us the telephone number of the person who will receive the flowers. We will then make an appointment with them for the delivery.
2. We will put the flowers in front of their door, ring the bell and then step back until flowers are picked up.
3. We will receive more flowers this week but we cannot guarantee the bouquets and centre pieces will look exactly like the photos on our website. Please be assured we will match them as best we can!

Mother's Day


Norway -  9 FEBRUARY


United Kingdom, Ireland - 22 MARCH


SPAIN, Portugal -  3 MAY


Australia, Austria, Belgium, Denmark,

Canada, Chile, China, Finand, Germany, Greece, Iceland, Italy, Japan, Malta, The Netherlands, New Zealand, Singapore, South Africa, Switzerland, United States - 10 MAY


France, Sweden - 31 MAY

Father's Day


SPAIN, Portugal , Italy - 19 MARCH


Germany - 21 MAY


Switzerland - 7 JUNE


Denmark - 5 JUNE


Austria, Belgium - 14 JUNE


Canada, Chile, China, France, Greece, Malta, The Netherlands, United Kingdom, United States - 21 JUNE


Australia, New Zealand - 6 SEPTEMBER


Finland, Iceland, Norway, Sweden -







International Women's Day - 8 MARCH

St. Valentine's Day - 14 FEBRUARY

Easter - 21 APRIL

Halloween - 31 OCTOBER

All Saint's Day - 1 NOVEMBER

Christmas Day - 25 DECEMBER